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Dick Goesinya
United States
Part-time artist, part-time college student studying film.

Since I've gotten a number of requests recently, I figured I'd place the list here. This is not necessarily the order in which you will see your request finished, but rather that your name is on here (unless you asked to remain anonymous):
- HarroABanditIsMe
- firestar15
- Rinzou83
- Mr-Question-Mark
- Mr-R0bby-R0b
- Zombi-Horde
- hendriw
- TF-TG-King
- chaoknuckingXD
- ededdeddyy
- umbreonthewhovian
- SonicMasterHero
- Smashking27
- Manu-Ki
- AlexMinazukiBC6
- Zooguy123
- Movie-Man
- matt527cooper
- alienvs
- jsnjnbsww
- Zexusmoneypenny1
It has dawned on me that since a couple of requests involve my OCs, it would probably help if I posted about some of my OCs. If and when I get a chance between requests and my own work (including Toe-tally Screwed), I can probably upload face/body shots of them, but until then here we go:

5"8 with shoulder-length neon hair. Seriously, it slightly glows in the dark. She's great at video games and loves running around barefoot, but some may not enjoy sharing a room with her, as she is a notoriously loud snorer.

6" with brown hair with blonde highlights that flow just below her shoulders. Though originally teased about her height, people got over it in the preteen years when with that height came a pretty hot rack. Not the biggest, but definitely one of the softest and most desirable. Prefers wearing short, comfy clothes over anything fancy.

5"3 Asian-American with dark black hair reaching just above her shoulders. She is pretty athletic with firm flesh in just the right places, including her breasts, her legs, and especially her butt. Like Haley, she's also into video games, but more into cartoons and anime.

5"7 who usually wears her brown hair in a ponytail. She comes off as somewhat ditzy but is really a sweet girl with a love of both country and pop, a combo most people do not understand. Like Haley, she mostly enjoys running around barefoot, but unlike the former, Dani has one of the largest pair of boobs around. She also likes to sleep...A LOT.

5'4 pink haired girl with braces and a love of boy bands. She can get emotional at times but her heart is in the right place. Dirty little secret that everyone except her knows: she has notoriously smelly feet.

5'5 raven-haired girl with glasses and freckles. She is a gamer girl and a notoriously big eater, but never seems to get fat despite her lack of athletic ability. At least not in the gut. Her butt on the other hand is the envy of girls twice her age. But watch out at Haley, she's a loud snorer.

To be updated...


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"So...what's this device you found?" asked Firestar.

"It's a knock-off synthetic EMP," Penguin replied to his friend and partner, "Only it doesn't shut off electronics, just people."

Firestar looked at his partner with a confused look.

"It makes them dizzy," Penguin emphasized, "Scrambles their brains enough to knock them unconscious."

"And how do we avoid getting knocked out ourselves?" Firestar asked.

"Just touch it when it goes off and you'll be fine," Penguin replied.

No sooner did Firestar get the new information when there was a sudden turn of the knob into the room. Hiding behind one of the beds, the two heard voices coming in through the door...belonging to one Delia Ketchum and another Yuuko Kamiya. Delia was wearing her usual ensemble of a purplish-blue skirt with a pink jacket that covered a yellow tank top, and Yuuko was wearing a loose orange tank top and baggy cargo shorts. However, to Penguin and Firestar's delight, both women were barefoot.

"You wouldn't believe the hijinks my son has put me through," Delia said, "Had to practically strap him to his bed to make sure he doesn't keep using Pikachu to pull shock pranks on people."

"At least your son keeps his room clean," Yuuko said, "Mine leaves potato chips all over the floor, I was stepping all over them! My feet are probably covered in whatever oils they use to make those things."

Firestar and Penguin grinned at that prospect.

"But they're good boys, though," Delia said, "Ash gives me foot rubs whenever I've had a long day at work, so it makes up for his practical jokes."

"I guess so," Yuuko said, "Tai lets me sleep in his bed whenever I get lonely. And he doesn't complain about my snoring either, unlike my husband."

"We should invite them next time we go for a walk on the trail," Delia said, "I just got back from walking there and it's quite beautiful."

Their 'locker room' chat was almost cut short when Firestar and Penguin finally activated the EMP...or at least they tried. It had suddenly short-circuited on them at the most critical moment.

"Dammit," Penguin said, "And I paid top-dollar for this. I'll need to get it fixed."

"Guess we'll have to rely on the old-fashioned way," Firestar said.

After Delia and Yuuko walked by, Penguin and Firestar pulled a surprise headlock on the two women; Penguin on Delia and Firestar on Yuuko. Both cried out and held onto the arms of their attackers while simultaneously kicking their legs around, hopelessly trying to break free. The two moms felt their heads get lighter as they shortly ran out of breath. Their legs were growing numb, and slowly faded from kicking wildly to barely even moving, going limp in their lock. Their cheeks were now a crimson blush as their eyelids began twitching rapidly.

Delia looked over at Yuuko to see her struggling, like her, to stay awake. Both of their arms and legs were limp, so they could no longer fight back. Through her blurriness, she saw Yuuko's head limply fall to the side, indicating she was finally unconscious. Soon enough, Delia too could not fight the headlock, and was knocked out cold. The intruders waited for a few seconds before they heard the sweet relief of the two mothers snoring, telling them they were finally unconscious. 

"These two were tough, I'll give them that," Firestar said.

"Let's hurry and get them on the bed," Penguin said.

They lifted the two sleeping women and placed them gently on the bed side by side. Both had such peaceful looks on their faces despite the unladylike snores coming from them. Firestar and Penguin sat in front of them on the bed, getting a good look at their soles. Penguin placed Delia's bare feet on his lap, and could clearly see that there was still sand on them from when she walked the trail. She definitely got a lot of sun, judging by her sandy soles and the cheesy smell coming from her feet. He lifted her soles to his face and took a big whiff of them, inhaling the stinky scent coming from both her soles and in between her toes. Upon closer examination, he saw sand still in between her toes and underneath her unpainted toenails. Penguin took the liberty of sticking his tongue in between her toes, licking out all the sand that was caught. It was the least he could do for her. Not like he didn't enjoy it either. He cleaned out her digits and then began sucking on her big toes together, noting the salty taste of her toes, as well as how much softer they were in comparison to the roughness of her heels. Penguin individually licked her toes clean for a good few minutes, enjoying every second of Delia's feet.

Right next to him, Firestar lifted Yuuko's feet right in front of his face. Running his hands along her soles, he felt how oily and sweaty they had become. And then Firestar remembered Yuuko saying how she had been stepping on potato chips while cleaning up Tai's room. Maybe that explains the smell too; vinegary with leather. It was also what he tasted when he licked up her sole, cleaning off any little chip crumbs left over on her feet. His nose had been deep between her toes, inhaling a much cheesier smell than what was on her soles. His nostrils were almost clenched together when he felt her toes twitch. He put each and every one of her toes inside his mouth, sucking out the flavorful chip taste from her skin.

For roughly five minutes, both of them were licking and sucking their victims's toes. In one instant, however, both started mumbling.

"Is it wearing off?" Firestar asked.

"Wait for it," Penguin replied.

After a few seconds of incoherent mumbles, both turned to their side and resumed their snoring.

"That was a close one," Penguin said.

"But honestly," Firestar said, "It's about time we look for our next batch of victims."

"I guess you're right," Penguin said morosely, "Though it's not everyday we get such a tasty pair of milf feet at the resort."

"We can always come back to them later," Firestar said, "But there's so many more people here just waiting for us."

Both smiled and let the two mothers rest, shutting the door behind them, leaving Delia and Yuuko with goofy grins on their faces as they snoozed through the afternoon.


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